A 'Nerdcore' Night at Watchtower and Jane Bond in Waterloo

“I go by the name Wordburglar, I like to make words go together,” said Sean Jordan, better known by his stage name, Wordburglar, as he began his first performance in Waterloo.

He is a rapper based out of Toronto and born in Halifax. To most of his fans he is known as a “nerdcore” rapper. However, Jordan likes to be known as a rapper, as he makes more than just nerdcore songs.

“I am a rapper, I make rap music,” he said.

Although he makes music outside of the nerdcore sub-genre of rap music, he does see how people can group him in with nerdcore rap.

“The nerdcore scene has become a sub-genre of rap, its based around nerdier topics from bullying to math to Star Wars,” he said.  “Some people call me a nerdcore rapper, I am a nerd I guess so the science works out.”

Wordburglar made an appearance at the Watchtower, a restaurant with a nerd niche before his performance in Uptown Waterloo at the Jane Bond on March 10.

 Photo: Peter Swart

Photo: Peter Swart

“I came to Waterloo because I’ve heard so many good things about it, and once it was announced that I was playing at the Jane Bond I was contacted by some people at the Watchtower to come for some dinner and a little supper-hour rap off, and that’s what happened,” he said.

Cameron Shaver is a representative from the Watchtower who had found the Wordburglar through attending Toronto Comic-Con, which Jordan frequents.  He had seen him perform at a few Comic-Con after parties over the years and decided it would be great for the Watchtower to have him make an appearance.

“When I saw that Wordburglar was finally making it out to my neck of the woods to perform at the Jane Bond I immediately reached out to see if he could stop by the Tower first,” said Shaver.

His performance at the Watchtower was an intimate one as the venue is a smaller one with the tables filled with people eating dinner.

The night started with an hour-long performance by a man by the name of Jack Moves.  The performance was unlike any other as the rapper slowly built the beat up live using nothing but a microphone and a machine that allowed him to loop his voice.

 Photo: Peter Swart

Photo: Peter Swart

While the opener was entertaining the audience, Wordburglar made his rounds to speak to the people eating dinner.

With the small venue and the rapper meeting his fans and joking around with them it made for a great night of music at fun local venue.

The Wordburglar has a big year planned for 2018, with new releases and even a tour coming to fans all over Canada.

“I have a new album coming out this summer called Rhyme Your Business, as well as the fourth issue of my comic book called The Last Paper Route,” Jordan said. “I’m also doing a cross-country tour this summer from Vancouver to Newfoundland.”

For the fans of the local music scene, the Jane Bond is one place that often hosts live performances such as this one and the Watchtower has at least one show every month.

“We have monthly acoustic nights at the Watchtower that features almost all local talent,” said Shaver. “We also host comedy nights, trivia nights and gaming events.”

Keep an eye out for any events coming to the Watchtower or the Jane Bond and follow the Wordburglar to see him the next time he makes a stop in Kitchener-Waterloo.