Local Musician Paige Warner Revealing Herself in Debut Album

It took some time, but Paige Warner has found her sound. 

And is it ever a good one. 

Warner, who grew up in the small town of Heidelberg just outside of Waterloo, is set to release her debut EP, Revealed, next month, and it's a sound that has been in the making for years.

She decided at a young age that music was the career path for her.

“I just cleaned out my room like half a year ago, and I found this journal under my bed from when I was seven,” she says. "It was the first time I told myself I wanted to be a singer.”

From that point forward no matter how many times her confidence wavered or she wanted to give up, the music pulled her back in. In 2015, she was the winner of Wellesley Idol, but it wasn’t her first attempt to win the grand prize.

“I did it three times, the first time was really embarrassing," says Warner. "I ran off the stage crying. I was 12 or 13 at the time. It was awful."

"I was like, ‘I’m never doing this again. I quit singing,’” she says. “Then the next year came around and I was like, ‘well now I have to do it because I couldn’t accomplish it last time.’”

That year she went on to take third place in the competition. And the year after, she went on to take the top prize.

Warner continued to gain experience and confidence through other similar experiences, such as a youth discoveries program which enabled her to play at the Summerfolk Music Festival. This certainly helped her find her voice. 

However, it was her experiences in life outside of music that helped her write the songs on Revealed.

“There’s not really a main theme (on the album),” she says. “Topic-wise it’s all just based on either experiences in my life or reflecting on them.”

Paige Warner Kitchener-Waterloo Local Musician

She recalls a time a couple of years ago where she struggled with mental health issues, causing her to drop off the grid as a musician. This was the inspiration for one songs on the EP.

Strings of Three was me reflecting on trying to not become this woman that I'm talking about (in the song),” she says. “It is about a really depressed woman and her necklace breaks, and she just loses it because of that and I could see myself heading in that direction that year that I had mental health issues.”

With the songs written she still felt the need to find her sound before releasing her first project.  She stressed about having music that really fit together before the public heard. That is, until she figured out that the genre of each song may not be as important as she thought.

“After a while I kind of realized that songs could have different genres and still be in the same album,” she says. “I think a lot of artists now are starting to realize that genres don’t need to be so defined anymore.”

“I think contemporary R&B was created because it could be like (traditional) R&B, but instead throw some pop in there, toss some EDM in there, and it all kind of mixes together,” she says. 

“I really appreciate that about the music, and I think that’s when I realized that I really can do this. "I didn’t need to change things to all fit together because they did once it was created.”

Revealed will be available across all music platforms on May 11, 2018. Pre-orders are available everywhere now.

Keep an eye on her website for any updates on any upcoming appearances by this up-and-coming singer-songwriter.